Instant Coffee Cubes- Tastier & healthier Coffee in a Cube

Instant Coffee Cubes- Tastier & healthier Coffee in a Cube

One-of-a-kind & unique, Bevzilla Instant Coffee Cubes are here to elevate your caffeine game a notch higher!

Introducing India’s very first Instant Coffee Cubes, Bevzilla is the first brand to get coffee in a cube, that is tasty, unique & healthy too!

Why healthy, you ask? Keep reading and you’ll be amazed to know a plethora of benefits that our Instant Coffee Cubes have to offer.

1. Sweetened with Date Palm Jaggery

For all coffee lovers, there’s a piece of good news for you! Bevzilla Instant Coffee Cubes are sweetened with Date Palm Jaggery so you don’t have to worry about adding all that extra sugar to your coffee. Date Palm jaggery is enough to curb your sugar cravings & deliver you with healthy & oh-so-delicious coffee instantly! 

2. Only 32 Calories per cube

Now you’re aware that Bevzilla Instant Coffee Cubes are infused with the goodness of Date Palm Jaggery, a healthier alternative to refined sugar. Not only that, One instant coffee cube has only 32 calories per serving. Amazed right? Well, that’s how incredible our instant coffee cubes are! They taste super delicious and also keep your calorie intake in check!

3. Loaded with Plant-Based Vitamins

As we said, Bevzilla Instant Coffee Cubes are all about providing you with loads of health benefits. Not only Date Palm Jaggery, but these cubes are also packed with Plant-Based Vitamins that are good for our immunity.

4. Ready in 30 seconds

Thirty seconds, WHATTT? Well, it’s true! Bevzilla Instant Coffee Cubes are instant & your coffee gets prepared in just 30 seconds. All you have to is-

DROP the coffee cube in your cup or tall grass.

POUR hot or cold milk, as per your preference.

STIR it well and you’re all done!

You get a delicious cup of latte or chilled cold coffee at home, that too at such sweet prices!

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