Premium Classic Strong Coffee 200 GM Jar | Makes 100 Cups

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Introducing Bevzilla's Premium Classic Strong - a part of our premium coffee powder range.

🌟 Makes upto 100 Cups

Crafted from 100% Pure Arabica Beans

🏠 Café-quality at home

😋 Balanced, smooth, and strong

Contains Caffeine

🌱 Gluten-free & no additives.

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Step 1 : Add 2 gms of Coffee Powder to 180 ml of Hot/Cold Milk.

Step 2 : Add sugar as per your taste.

Step 3 : Blend for Frothy Cold Coffee/ Stir for Delicious Hot Coffee!

Made with 100% Arabica Beans

Q: How many cups can I make with Premium Classic Strong coffee?

A: Premium Classic Strong can make up to 100 cups, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

Q: What is the primary coffee bean used in Premium Classic Strong?

A: Premium Classic Strong is crafted from 100% pure Arabica beans, ensuring a quality coffee experience.

Q: What type of coffee beans are used to make Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder?

A: Our premium Instant Coffee Powder is crafted from 100% Pure Arabica Beans.

Q: What is the shelf life of Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder?

A: The shelf life of Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder is 24 months.

Q: How much Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder is there in each jar?

A: Each jar contains 200 grams of Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder.

Q: What are the ingredients in Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder?

A: Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder consists of 100% pure Arabica coffee powder for a delightful coffee experience.

Manufactured & Marketed By: Bevzilla Pvt. Ltd.
Address: S45 Okhla Phase 2 110020 New Delhi, India

Country Of Origin: India
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