Premium Classic Strong Coffee 200 GM Jar | Makes 100 Cups

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Introducing Bevzilla's Premium Classic Strong - a part of our premium coffee powder range.

🌟 Makes upto 100 Cups

Crafted from 100% Pure Arabica Beans

🏠 Café-quality at home

😋 Balanced, smooth, and strong

Contains Caffeine

🌱 Gluten-free & no additives.

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Step 1 : Add 2 gms of Coffee Powder to 180 ml of Hot/Cold Milk.

Step 2 : Add sugar as per your taste.

Step 3 : Blend for Frothy Cold Coffee/ Stir for Delicious Hot Coffee!

Made with 100% Arabica Beans

Q: How many cups can I make with Premium Classic Strong coffee?

A: Premium Classic Strong can make up to 100 cups, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

Q: What is the primary coffee bean used in Premium Classic Strong?

A: Premium Classic Strong is crafted from 100% pure Arabica beans, ensuring a quality coffee experience.

Q: What type of coffee beans are used to make Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder?

A: Our premium Instant Coffee Powder is crafted from 100% Pure Arabica Beans.

Q: What is the shelf life of Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder?

A: The shelf life of Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder is 24 months.

Q: How much Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder is there in each jar?

A: Each jar contains 200 grams of Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder.

Q: What are the ingredients in Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder?

A: Bevzilla Instant Coffee Powder consists of 100% pure Arabica coffee powder for a delightful coffee experience.

Customer Reviews

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Kushagra Verma

I was tired of drinking plain old coffee. loved this hazelnut flavour. Taste well without adding sugar too. Its 100% arabica and therefore taste smooth and less acidic. Since its strong so only half spoon is sufficient to make one cup. Makes this a total value for money product

Akshay Jain

Coffee lovers this coffee is for you. This Classic 100% arabica coffee from bevzilla coffee is a must have for your daily coffee needs if you're regular coffee driker. Tried this and it was too good.

Sompita Shit

Taste is good.... one star minus because they've send me an old stock

Rishiraj Roy

This is the perfect coffee until now! And smells so good too.. worth the money

Divya rathore

Taste is just awesome

Manufactured & Marketed By: Bevzilla Pvt. Ltd.
Address: S45 Okhla Phase 2 110020 New Delhi, India

Country Of Origin: India
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