Peach Passion Instant Iced tea mix

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🍑 Bevzilla’s Peach Passion Instant Iced tea is perfectly sweet with a hint of tanginess. Carry this with you to the beach, work or party!

😍 GREAT TASTE: Bevzilla’s iced tea powder is a delicious and quick way to stay hydrated and stay cool this summer – try our refreshing flavours!

🫗 INSTANTLY SOLUBLE: Bevzilla Iced Tea Premix dissolves instantly in water and it is full of beneficial ingredients like Vitamin C. No need to brew your Iced Tea now, it’s already cold brew which will be strong and highly flavourful. Make 30 glasses, only Rs10  per glass.
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Step 1-Mix 1 tbsp of Iced Tea Powder Mix (10g) in a glass(100ml) of cold water.

Step 2-Stir well & add ice cubes.

Step 3- Your glass of Bevzilla Iced Tea is ready to be served.

Bevzilla’s Peach Passion Instant Ice Tea Mix (400 gm) with a tangy taste of peaches!

How many flavours are available in Iced Tea?

We have 6 different flavours available.

How many calories are there in 400 gms of iced tea powder?

30Kcal in 400gms of Iced Tea Powder.

What is the shelf life of Iced Tea Powder?

8 months

How much quantity of powder is required for 1 glass of Iced Tea?

30 gms for 300 ml of Chilled Water..

Do we need to add any sugar to the Iced Tea?

Bevzilla Instant Iced Tea Powder is already sweetened so there is no need to add sugar to your beverage.

Customer Reviews

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Taste is good. Buy it and refresh your mood.

Dharmesh shah

Very good taste.pls reduced price.


There are two kinds of peach flavors usually available.One is dry-peach flavour which is on a sweet caramel sour side and the other is fresh peach flavour which is highly refreshing and fills up the mouth with fresh peach flavor when slurping on it. This second type tastes good with chilled drinks and the former flavor tastes better with hot drinks.This is somewhere in between but more on the dry-peach side.

Aasima Alam

Just go for it. It's so refreshing. I had my doubts before buying this but it has an amazing taste. I just add mint leaves to it and it tastes heavenly in this summer heat

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