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Milkshake shaker + 8 cubes

Dino Shaker

With The Goodness Of Date Palm Jaggery

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With The Goodness Of Date Palm Jaggery

32 Calories per cube.

Ready in 30 seconds

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😍Now no more hassles of making milkshakes, we make it easier & healthier for you! Sweetened with Date Palm Jaggery & Plant-based vitamins- 🧋Only 32 calories per cube. The Milkshake Shaker features a sleek design and a sturdy build, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. It's the ultimate companion for milkshake enthusiasts!

😍32 calories per cube
😍Loaded with plant based vitamins
😍8 flavored milkshake cubes
😍Guaranteed No Leaks, No Drips
😍Easy to carry anywhere
😍Perfect For Kids & Adults
😍Peel off sticker
😍BPA Free Sipper Bottle

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Brewing the perfect cup of coffee couldn’t be any easier. See how—

The Milkshake Shaker works Like A Blender Blade! -Just Add 2 milkshake cubes to 360ML of Cold Milk -Shake the shaker -Voila! Your healthy milkshake is ready.


Brewing the perfect cup of coffee couldn’t be any easier. See how—


Is the shaker leak proof? -No Leaks, No Drips 100% Guarantee: Ultra Tight Screw On Lid, Anti-leak Tested And Proven, Lockable Flip Top, Stays Open If Needed, Easy To Read Measuring. Is it easy to carry? -Easy to carry anywhere: Bevzilla Coffee Shaker Pack is perfect for those on the go! What type of plastic is used? -Bpa Free Sipper Bottle: 100% Bpa Free, No Toxins, No Harmful Chemicals, Very Easy To Clean, Environmentally Friendly and dishwasher safe. What is the quantity and quality of the shaker? -Bevzilla Coffee Shaker comes With Leak Proof Cap With Silicone Gasket, Rounded Corners For Easy Cleaning, 500ml Capacity, 100% Leak Proof Guarantee, Bpa Free Material.