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Mocktail Mixers

Instant Refreshment in 10 Seconds

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😍Introducing the All-New Party Essential in town- Bevzilla Mocktail Mixers for you to make your drinks delicious and your parties to elevate a notch higher!
❤️Savour the Bevzilla Mojito Flavour, a perfectly balanced & refreshing concoction that is infused with Mint and Lemon, and comes with just the right amount of sweetness.
🍋All you have to do is to stir the mocktail mixer in water or fuzz it up with your favourite soda or fine spirits.
🍸Your perfect glass of Hurricane Mocktail is ready to be served!

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Brewing the perfect cup of coffee couldn’t be any easier. See how—

Step 1- Add the Mocktail Mixer to a Tall Glass.
Step 2- Pour Chilled Water, Soda or Spirit into it the glass with ice cubes.
Step 3- Stir it well for a perfect Martini Mocktail.


Brewing the perfect cup of coffee couldn’t be any easier. See how—


How many glasses can be made from 1 pouch of Mocktail Mixer?
One Glass of your Favourite Mocktail can be made using One Pouch of Mocktail Mixer.

How much time does it take to prepare a Mocktail?
Bevzilla Mocktail Mixers are super instant & tasty! You only have to add your favourite Mocktail Mixer to chilled water, soda or spirits & stir it well! Your Mocktail is ready in no time!

What can be added to the Mocktail Mixers?
You can add water, soda or any of your favourite spirits to the mixer to prepare a perfect Mocktail.

What are the ingredients used in the Mocktail Mixers?
The ingredients used are- Sugar, Nature identical Flavour, Food Grade Colour, Salt.