Hot Chocolate Original With Organic Date Palm Jaggery

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Introducing Bevzilla's Orignal Hot Chocolate Mix - a fusion of real chocolate and premium organic cocoa from Tamil Nadu, India. β˜•πŸ«

Why Choose Orignal Hot Chocolate?

🌴 Date Palm Jaggery Infused

πŸ‚ Rich Chocolate Flavor

🍫250 grams in each pouch

❌🍚 Guilt-Free with Zero Refined Sugar

πŸŒ°πŸ‚ Available in 3 Flavors: Original, Hazelnut, and Cinnamon

🚫πŸ§ͺ Preservative-Free Enjoyment

Just Add Hot Milk & Enjoy!

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      Step 1: Measure out 25 grams of Bevzilla’s Hot Chocolate into a cup.

      Step 2: Add 180ml of freshly boiled milk.

      Step 3: Stir thoroughly, and enjoy!

      Hot chocolate mix prepared from cocoa sourced from one of India's highest quality organic farms in Tamil Nadu.

      Q: What is the special ingredient in Bevzilla Hot Chocolate?

      A: Bevzilla Hot Chocolate is uniquely infused with Date Palm Jaggery, providing a natural and delightful sweetness.

      Q: How much hot chocolate is there in each pouch?

      A: Each pouch contains 250 grams of Bevzilla Hot Chocolate Mix.

      Q: How is Bevzilla Hot Chocolate a guilt-free choice?

      A: Bevzilla Hot Chocolate is guilt-free as it contains zero refined sugar, making it a healthier indulgence.

      Q: What flavors of Bevzilla Hot Chocolate are available?

      A: Bevzilla Hot Chocolate is available in three tempting flavors: Original, Hazelnut, and Cinnamon, offering variety for your enjoyment.

      Q: Does Bevzilla Hot Chocolate contain any preservatives?

      A: No, Bevzilla Hot Chocolate is preservative-free, ensuring a pure and natural hot chocolate experience.

      Q: What are the key ingredients in Bevzilla Hot Chocolate?

      A: Bevzilla Hot Chocolate features cocoa powder, nature-identical flavors, and Date Palm Jaggery for a delightful taste.

      Q: What is the shelf life of Bevzilla Hot Chocolate?

      A: Bevzilla Hot Chocolate has a shelf life of 12 months from the manufacturing date.

      Manufactured & Marketed By: Bevzilla Pvt. Ltd.
      Address: S45 Okhla Phase 2 110020 New Delhi, India

      Country Of Origin: India
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