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25 Assorted Sachets Pack

Coffee Shaker

Made With 100% Arabica Beans

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Made with 100% Pure Arabica Beans.

No preservatives/No additives and no added sugar.

Ready in 10 seconds.

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😍Shaker works like a blender
🧋25 flavored coffee sachets.
😋BPA Free 500ML Coffee Shaker
🥰Guaranteed No Leaks, No Drips.
🥳Easy to carry anywhere
💯Can be used for hot and cold coffee 
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Indulge in the real goodness of 100% Pure Arabica Beans with Bevzilla Coffee Powder Sachets, made with 100% Pure Arabica Beans, our coffee powder has no preservatives, and no added sugar and is ready in just 30 seconds.

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Brewing the perfect cup of coffee couldn’t be any easier. See how—

The Coffee Shaker works Like A Blender Blade: -Just Add 2 sachets of Coffee Powder to 400 ml of Cold Milk, -Add sugar as per your taste, and shake the shaker - -Voila! Your frothy Coffee is ready.


Brewing the perfect cup of coffee couldn’t be any easier. See how—


What is the capacity of the shaker?
-The shaker has a capacity of 500 ml and will not cause any leaks or spills due to the air tight feature.

Is the shaker leak proof?
-No Leaks, No Drips 100% Guarantee: Ultra Tight Screw On Lid, Anti-leak Tested And Proven, Lockable Flip Top, Stays Open If Needed, Easy To Read Measuring.

Is it easy to carry?
-Easy to carry anywhere: Bevzilla Coffee Shaker Pack is perfect for those on the go!

What type of plastic is used?
-The plastic being used is of top-notch quality. It is a Bpa Free Sipper Bottle: 100% Bpa Free, No Toxins, No Harmful Chemicals. Very Easy To Clean, Environmentally Friendly and dishwasher safe, with Leak Proof Cap, a Silicone Gasket and rounded Corners For easier cleaning

What is the quantity and quality of the shaker?
-Bevzilla Coffee Shaker comes With Leak Proof Cap With Silicone Gasket, Rounded Corners For Easy Cleaning, 500ml Capacity, 100% Leak Proof Guarantee, BPA Free Material.

Is the shaker mixing ball inside?
-Yes, the product contains the mixing ball which acts like a blender making your choice of drink extra frothy and creamy.