Classic Flavour®: This pack will enhance your daily coffee experience, with our signature date palm jaggery, being a natural source of flavor, body, and richness for your palate. 


Belgian Chocolate®: This pack will have a classic fudge-like earthy flavor and no sourness, fruitiness, or lingering floral flavors usually. The popularity of the Belgian chocolate taste is because it is comforting and forward without too many distractions combined with our Indian Coffee. 


Irish Cream: Popular flavor of Irish cream® liqueur, without the whiskey. Our Irish Cream Coffee comes complete with a perfect blend of creamy, nutty, chocolate and vanilla flavors combined with our Indian Coffee.


Creamy Vanilla: Vanilla organically flavored Coffee Cubes® comes with the fresh taste of Mesoamerican Orchids, involving your palate in the scent of vanilla, combined with our Indian Coffee.


Hazelnut: Hazelnut organically flavored Coffee Cubes®, unites the special aroma and oil components of Hazelnut with the soft and fruity characteristics from our Indian Coffee. 

30 Coffee Cubes Pack

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  • Unwrap the cube and put it in freshly boiled milk/water. After 30-45 seconds, stir to evenly mix everything together and voila! Your delicious perfect cup of coffee is ready.