Frequently asked questions

How many cubes do I need to use per cup?

The recommended serving size for one cube is a 180 ML hol or cold milk/water. cup, but it may vary depending on your preferences.

Are the cubes individually packed?

Yes, all the cubes are individually wrapped to keep them fresh and easy to carry.

How is it better than other coffee brands?

It consists of 100% pure Arabica Coffee and Date Palm Jaggery. The cubes don't have refined sugar which makes them healthy, nutritious, and extremely delicious Keeping in mind the “Make In India” concept, we have partnered with farmers from Chikmagalur, Karnataka for pure coffee, and Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu for Date Palm Jaggery. Our coffee has Iron, calcium and vitamins.

What is the shelf life?

The cubes have a shelf-life of 180 days from when they are produced and the cubes we stock are usually no more than 1-2 weeks old.

Is this instant coffee?

Yes, this is instant coffee, but it’s not the same instant coffee you or your grandparents had growing up. We use much better ingredients and process to bring you the best cup of coffee we can.