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Infused with Fenugreek Seed Extract

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Begin your morning journey with Bevzilla's BeFit Coffee, an exquisite fusion of 100% Arabica beans and fenugreek seed extracts. Its patent-pending process eradicates bitterness, elevates flavor, and preserves vital elements for weight management and gut health. It is scientifically proven to reduce appetite and food cravings for more than 3 hours. Each sip invites you to relish wellness in every cup.

Why Buy?

💥 100% Arabica Beans

🤩 Helps in weight management

🍣 Helps reduce appetite

💕 30 Sachets of BeFit Coffee Powder.

☕ Contains caffeine

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Step 1 - Add 1 coffee sachet to 180 ml of Hot/Cold Milk.

Step 2 - Add sugar as per your taste.

Step 3 - Blend for Frothy Cold Coffee/ Stir for Delicious Hot Coffee!

Note: For optimal results, follow daily for 2-3 months.

This pack of BeFit Coffee contains 30 sachets - 5 grams each of BeFit Coffee infused with Fenugreek Seed Extract

How long should I consume BeFit coffee to see noticeable results in my weight?

Individual results may vary, but incorporating BeFit coffee into your daily routine for at least 45 days is recommended for optimal results. Consistency is key!

Do Fenugreek seed extract taste bitter?

Fenugreek seed extract undergoes a patent-pending process that eliminates bitterness, enhances flavour, and retains beneficial components for weight management and gut health.

Is Fenugreek seed extract scientifically proven for weight loss?

Fenugreek seed extract is scientifically proven to reduce appetite and food cravings for more than 3 hours.

Will BeFit coffee help improve gut health?

BeFit coffee is enriched with magnesium, iron, and fiber, all found in Fenugreek seed extract which contributes to a healthy gut and bowel regularity. Magnesium helps with digestion because it helps the muscles in the gut relax.

How much fiber, protein, and fat are present in Fenugreek seed extract?

Fenugreek seed extract promises a nutritional powerhouse with over 30% fiber, exceeding 50% protein, and less than 0.5% fat conte

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